Customer Feedback Integration

Greatly Improve Retention By Measuring Customer Happiness!

Just two clicks on our Easy Button to improve customer communication, deepen customer relationships, build your online reputation, stay top-of-mind, up-sell and cross-sell accessories, maintenance service agreements, and more equipment replacements. Set it, forget it and watch your revenue rise.

Voice Of Customer

Do you currently have a feedback loop in place for your customers to voice if they were happy or unhappy with the service your company performed? The HVAC Catalyst survey allows fast and easy feedback that enables you to take immediate action.

Measure Customer Happiness

Take immediate action when a customer is in distress. Be able to head off negative reviews before they make it to Google, Yelp or Angie's List.

Remarkable Response Rates

Our software automates up to 3 follow-up notes to your customer asking for their feedback to achieve exceptional response rates.

Optimized For Mobile

Responses gathered from anyone on any device at any time.

Measure Service Technician Customer Service Skills

The HVAC Catalyst software automatically aggregates a rolling average rating each of your service technicians. Instantly spot trends and learn who on your team is loved by your customers and who is not.

Stop The Profits Leaks Caused By Unhappy Customers Who Leave

A 5 percent increase in retention yields profit increases of 25% to 95% (Bain and Company, 1990)

Dramatically Improve Customer Retention!

You spend a ton of money attracting new customers to your business. Do you do anything unique to assure that you keep the customers you fought so hard to win? HVAC Catalyst allows you to automate customer feedback after every service call and provides you with actionable data to identify and save unhappy customers.

With HVAC Catalyst, you can instantly view on a map the street address of your happy and unhappy homeowners and drill into the data to make sure the unhappy customer complaints are completely resolved.

Individual employee feedback forms are sent automatically to the customer at the completion of every service call. Your employee photos and your logo will appear on the feedback surveys.


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